Bamix – Is It Worth It?

In May 2016 I paid £210 for my Bamix SwissLine which did included the lovely Bamix Slyce which I use quite a bit.  However, when compared to a Breville Stick Blender with chopper for £27.50 on sale, the question is whether the Bamix is worth it?

What do you get for the extra £182.50?  The Bamix comes with the following items:

  • The Bamix 200w stick blender with 2 button facility which gives 2 speeds (13000 rpm and 18000 rpm)
  • 3 blade attachments.
    • Multipurpose-for chopping, liquidising, etc
    • Aerator- beating and whipping
    • Blender Blade-Mixing liquids like batters, mayonnaise, etc.
  • 1000 ml jug
  • 400 ml beaker with lid
  • A very stylish black stand
  • Wet & Dry grinding mill for things like herbs or simply turning sugar into powder/icing sugar.
  • Also, received a cook book and an instrucitonal dvd which my husband names “Bamix-The Movie”

With a Breville you get a stick blender with a multi-purpose blade.  However, it probably won’t chop ice like the Bamix.  You also get a whisk.  For items like cream and eggs I prefer the whisk attachment on the Breville.  Finally, you also get a slightly larger chopper which is functionally different then the Bamix grinder.

So, you get alot more with a Bamix then a normal stick blender.  However, as far as the stick blender facility goes I found the Breville pretty good.  One of the most common uses of a stick blender is probably blending vegetables and stock into a soup.  When I did this, the results were about the same.




Bamix (left) vs Breville (right) results.

Are the Extra’s Worth It?

I have tried to use the Bamix for items like mayonaise, smoothies in a glass, yorkshire pudding batter, etc.  However, I would say my other appliances such as my Optimium 9400, Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer, and my Kenwood food processor are just as good.

However, the one thing that I do really enjoy and use regularly is the SliceSy which includes the general chopping blade and 2 grating/slicing blades to use with the disc.  Specific use if to make small amounts of shredded cabbage, carrots, courgette, etc.

Finally, one requirement that Bamix does definite20170830_093744ly tick versus the Breville and many other kitchen gadgets is that it looks good on the counter.  Therefore, it is out and ready for use.  So, you do in fact use and get your money’s worth.

After more then a year it is a good time to reflect on a purchase.  In my case the Bamix has been worth it to me.  Not so sure I would say it was good value for money.

To assist with making your decision, I would suggest setting out requirements and see how the Bamix compares. Below is an example of some requirements:

  • Facility of a stick blend for soups, creams, etc.
  • Strong blender for crushing ice, smoothies, frappes, etc.
  • Food processing facilities for chopping, grating, etc.
  • Grinding for coffee, herbs, etc.
  • Limited space

If your requirements are as noted above, then the Bamix with the SliceSy is probably worth it!