One of my favorite shopping outings is going to Costco’s.  I am American and when I go to Costco’s it is like taking a trip home!  It is big!  The packets are big! My bill is also usually big!

When I originally decided to put information about Costco’s on this site it was going to be mainly about a very negative customer service experience I had a few weeks ago.  In February I was persuaded on one of my visits to upgrade my membership to an “Executive Membership” which includes a 2% cashback on purchases.  I was told that if by the end of my annual membership I had not received enough to cover my upgrade charge, I would get the upgrade cost refunded.  In fact I was given a piece of paper that said the following:

” When you get your renewal notice there will be a voucher on the bottom.  If this amount does not exceed the above amount please come back to the membership desk before your membership expires and we will refund the upgrade charged back to you.”

I did not get a voucher that covered the upgrade amount.  Therefore, I went to the membership desk and asked for the refund of the amount charged for the upgrade.  They in fact gave me the difference between the voucher and upgrade charge.  Now,  I understand what they did, but the written note provided and the verbal information at the time of the upgrade charge is a bit ambiguous.  Rightly or wrongly I had interpreted the note to mean as stated that I would get the full upgrade charge refunded, not the difference of what was on the voucher.

I wrote to Costco’s customer service with a copy of the note explaining that my expectation was as stated a “refund of the amount charged for the upgrade”.  It did not say the difference.  Well, surprisingly, I got a very unfriendly customer service reply.  So, I got on the phone.  In the end, my complaint was forwarded to the store who replied with a credit and apology.  But not the usual service I would of expected from Costco’s.

However, today they have further redeemed themselves.  I bought an item online over 2 months ago which is not working well.  I contacted them and to ask what their policy was and they immediately sent me UPS label and I can drop it off at a local drop off point.  They even offered a pick-up.  Now that is impressive!



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