Easy Whip Plus by ISI®


Soda Siphon

During a recent tidy of my pantry I came across an old gadget, an ISI Soda Siphon purchased from John Lewis well over 15 years ago when it was one of the “in” gadgets.  Used to carbonate water to add to various cocktails, it was a must for any home bar!
When I took the top off the plastic insert was full of mold.  However, the outer stainless steel bottle still looked great.  So, an internet search started to find out about a replacement plastic insert.

Within no time I was on the phone to Carrick Company LTD  in the UK.   The gentleman on the phone knew exactly what part I needed and are you ready for this – he was going to send me one at no charge!  What a brilliant sales move.  I was so taken aback that I asked what other products they carried.  He directed me toward the Easy Whipper!  A device that keeps ordinary cream in a stainless steel bottle and with the gas charger, turns it into whippy cream for desserts, drinks, etc.

20160615_120618-2After a quick look on the internet while we were talking, I thought,  “What the Heck! Go for it!”  So, I purchased the Easy Whipper  Plus and some of the chargers for both the Soda Siphon and the Easy Whipper.

Next day they arrived.  No problems getting it to work.  Now the real question is, was the Easy Whipper worth it!

I have had it now for 3 months.  It is not always filled with cream, but I do fill it when I know I will be having company for a few days and doing desserts which require a little cream.  Examples are cheesecake desserts, key lime pie, homemade ice cream with chocolate sauce, fancy up a brownie,  liquor coffees, etc.

2016-04-10 15.59.12

The instructions suggest whipping cream, but you can put other types of cream in the Easy Whipper Plus.   The recipe book that was enclosed along with online information gives a lot of suggestions.  I have tried a mixture of double cream and whipping cream.  I found that the mixture of whipping cream and double cream works the best.  The problem I had with straight double cream was that it tended to clot and not come through as you got towards the end of the contents.


  • Keeps the cream fresh for several days
  • On Hand to quickly turns desserts into creations!
  • Handy to use
  • Simply Fun
  • Better Environmentally (Squirty Cream Cans not recyclable/gas chargers for the Easy Whip can be recycled.)


  • £25.00 for the Easy Whip Plus plus the cost of the charges means that it can be a bit pricey compared to “squirty cream” that you purchase at the store.
  • Towards the end of the cream in the Easy Whipper, it is hard to get the cream out.
  • Cleaning – With the little brush provided it is fairly easy to clean, but does require the time and patience.20160615_120618-1

If you use whipping cream in drinks, desserts, etc.  it is a good gadget to have and fun to use.  If cream is not something that you use often, you may want to give it a miss.  However, I cannot fault the service that was provided.