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  • Comparison between 2 top free standing mixers
  • Comparison between the Vitamix and Optimum 9200
  • Home Vacuum Sealer Experience
  • Costco’s – like a visit to the USA

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  1. Hi! We saw your review comparing the Optimum 9200 to the Vitamix and would like to make an offer 🙂

    I would like to clarify a few things:

    – You are currently using the Optimum 9200 with the 1.5L jug which is definitely not as effective as the 2L jug and strongly not recommended for domestic use, especially with thick contents

    – You purchased the Optimum 9200 when we first launched in the UK, and orders were sent from Australia. We now have a warehouse in Bristol and all products have the correct plug, and orders dispatched immediately and delivered within 1-4 days 🙂

    – The Optimum 9200 has also been upgraded since you made your order

    We would like to offer you a brand new, free of cost Optimum 9200 with the correct plug for you to use so the review can be more accurate 🙂

    Please contact us at sales@froothieblenders.co.uk, attention the email to me and I will have it organised ASAP 🙂

    Kind regards


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