Kenwood Chef Titanium-Returned!

Costco had a great deal on Kenwood Chef Titanium in November 2020 (£339.00). Being in lockdown it was a treat. Purchased the item and the food processing attachment as well. Upon receipt the cover was out of shape. Kenwood were very good to send a replacement quickly.

I used the Kenwood Chef about 12 times between delivery in early December to May 2021. So, about 6 months. Used the processor attachment one evening to shred a cabbage and it worked beautifully. Went to make bread the next day and it just simply did not work. I checked the head was down. Power was getting to the machine because the light was coming on. Contacted Kenwood for advice and after some wait was told that they would set me up for a one to one with a product specialist via and online video meeting. That technically worked well, but the outcome was pretty much what had already been discussed on previous call. The result was that the product specialist was unable to identify the problem.

Next step was to have contact with customer service and this was via web-chat. Kenwoods solution was to collect item and see if it needed repair or replacing. This could take up to 20 days (not clear if business days). I was not happy with this solution given that I had it less than a year and only used it about 12 times. I have a Kitchenaid which has been very used since December 2009 and it has never given me a problem (so far)! I felt a replacement was in order without question. After a lengthy webchat we came to no solution. I pointed out that Costco’s would take it back and refund in full. I wanted a Kenwood Chef that worked and felt I should not go through the inconvenience of arranging a return and wait for them to decide what next given the price of the product.

Got no where with Kenwood’s service department. So, Costco to the rescue. Given the situation to Costco, a return was organised. 2 days later it was collected and 3 days later full refund for both Kenwood Chef Titanium and the food processor attachment.

Kenwood 0 for service.

Costco 10 for service.