Optimum HealthyFry

Airfryers appear to be one of the latest “must have” kitchen gadgets.  My sister told me about her airfryer and how much she is using it and enjoying it!  During the conversation, I realised that this sounded like a good idea for my mother who lives on her own and is struggling to bend down and remove items from her main oven.    So, I proceeded to purchase one to see if it is worth it.

When looking at new kitchen gadgets I try to identify why I would want it.  For an airfryer I apply the following critieria:

  • Will it be useful.  In the case of the airfryer can I make healthy foods efficiently and to a good standard.
  • Is it worth the counter space and/or cupboard space.
  • Is it worth the price.

In deciding which airfryer to purchase I focused on size, price, and general ratings.  After a look at various sites I found my choice on the froothie.co.uk website where I had purchased my original Optimum Blender.  There I found an airfryer with dimensions that were among the small in size and yet appeared to offer a cooking volume which was more than suitable for one or two people.  This suited me since it is just me and my husband most of the time.  If I were to do more, I would just turn on my fan oven and use it.  The size of the Optimum HeathyFry is 310x 270×326 mm.   So that addresses the counter space!

The Optimum HealthyFry looks good on the counter and comes with a nice little cake tin that fits inside.  The instructions are basic.  I think a bit more effort on recipes and ideas would be useful.

How does it work.  Well, pretty good!.  I have been warming it up for 3 minutes at 60 degrees C which is the default setting.   After the 3 minutes, I set time and temperature depending on the items being cooked, warmed, and/or baked.

It says airfryer, but it really acts like a little fan oven.  So, one of my first uses has been to bake scones in just 10 minutes plus the 3 minute warm up.  They were impressive!






The Airfryer has been very useful for warming up a a number of items including:

  • Warming up pies
  • Warming up bagels
  • Warming up bread
  • Toasting Nuts

Sweet Potatoe fries were a hit as well!





The Optimum HealthyFry is currently on sale for £99.00.  This is about the most I would pay for an Airfryer and would say it is worth it for that price.

The Optimum HealtyFry meets all my criteria.  I would go further to say that if you  usually cook for 1 or 2 people, it makes alot of sense.  It provides good results in a short time. It also sits neatly on your counter top and provides a clear and logical control panel making it very easy to use!  And of course, I have not even tried what it is most meant for-Chips!