New Optimum 9200

The Optimum 9200 has now been a part of my kitchen for a year.   I did a full review of the Optimum 9200 against the famous Vitamix.  You can read that review on this website.  A couple of months ago a New Optimum 9200 arrived on my doorstep.  The question that must be on everyone’s lips is whether the New Optimum 9200 at a price of £269 is an Improved Optimum 9200?

Motor/Base Unit

The actual mach2014-08-02 17.15.31ine/motor unit looks the same as the original 9200.  As noted in the Optimum versus Vitamix, the specification is very good.  My favourite feature of the base unit is that it has the settings of Low-Med-High plus the pre-programmed settings of 20-35-45 seconds.  When you use the timed settings they start out low and quickly go to high.  It runs the time once then stops and starts again for a second time.  After the second time it beeps to let you know it is finished.  This is definitely the best feature of this machine and probably the only reason I would consider this machine over the Optimum 9400.  And of course, the New Optimum 9200 comes with a UK plug (YEH!!!!).


It is the jug where the difference is most noticeable. The original 9200 I received was a domestic 1.5L jug.  The benefit of this jug is the fact that it fits under a counter.  However, whereas the New Jug does Not fit under the counter it might be considered a better made jug.

New Optimum 9200

New Optimum 9200

Original Optimum 9200

Original Optimum 9200







It is best to co2014-08-02 17.19.16mpare these jugs by looking underneath.The base on the New Optimum (left) shows a thicker base nut and plastic blade housing.  This may prove to be more durable long term.

This Optimum 9200 also comes with a “bottom plate wrench” and rubber seal.  2014-08-01 20.24.52The question I have for Froothie UK is why do you need a replacement seal on the Optimum 9200? (I actually did have a leakage problem on my original square 9200 jug, but Froothie sent a replacement and I have not yet had a problem with the new jug.)


Looking at the physical attributes of the machine is important, but at the end of the day it is how it performs.  I have consistently used the “Lemon Curd” recipe in all the trials.  So, to be fair I have done this again.  Like the original machine it took 8 minutes versus the 6 minutes for the Optimum 9400 and Vitamix.

2014-08-01 20.41.21

2014-08-01 20.52.15






Lemon curd illustrates how long it takes the friction from the blades to heat the mixture to a setting point.  The other test is how well does it make things smooth and creamy.

2014-07-25 17.48.26For this test I prepared a mango sorbet.  The ingredients include frozen mango, a frozen banana, ice, sweetener, and a hand full of cashew nuts.  For this process you need to use the tamper tool provided.  I did not time this process, but after a several minutes on high and using the tamper tool, the desired results were achieved.

2014-07-25 18.11.36


There are many more things you can make with an Optimum 9200 and you will continue to find new recipes and challenges for this machine.  However, after reviewing and using the Optimum 9200 the following points can be made:


  • Great motor and programming facilities.
  • Good jug, but which option do you prefer – Under counter or not?
  • Good performance, but not quite as good as the 9400 and Vitamix.
  • Great Price and Good Value!

2014-08-02 12.01.48

Whichever machine you choose, you will probably enjoy it.  You can easily make your favorite recipes in minutes. You will make so much great food that you will start to give it as gifts. I have made so much lemon curd that friends now received a regular supply!


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