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Just before the holidays the nut on the 9400 blade came off.  Fortunately, I had already done all my holiday preparations in the 9400.  I emailed Froothie UK and quickly got a response.  Yesterday, replacement blade arrived.  It was very easy to fit with the blade assembly tool.  Fantastic follow up service!

Below is the review I did for the Optimum 9400 back in 2014, my opinion has not changed and it is still an asset to my kitchen:

The new Optimum 9400 arrived on my doorstep.  How does it compare to the Vitamix and Optimum 9200 featured on this site?

In my comparison of the Optimum 9200 and Vitamix back in September 2013, I concluded that for me the Optimum 9200 was overall good value for money against the Vitamix.  However, there were some little annoying issues.    Needless to say I was pleased when a new Optimum 9400 arrived on my doorstep.  I am so far finding that the 9400 does address many of the annoying issues that I experienced.

Service – Last time delivery was an appalling  with 11 weeks from order and numerous e-mails.  This time delivery was next day!!  Impressive!  The delivery service used was very good in specifying a 2 hour time frame for delivery.

Overall Appearance – The 9400 looks a lot like the Vitamix I compared against last time.  It has a shiny finish, but most importantly it has an English Plug!!  (The 9200 sent to me originally has an Australian plug with an adaptor.  Not cool!)

Program Settings – The 9400 does NOT have the automatic settings of 25, 35, and 45 seconds which I really like on the 9200.

Jug – The jug on the 9400 is different from the original sent to me on the 9200.


Old 9200 jug left - New 9400 jug right

Old 9200 jug left – New 9400 jug right


  • The new jug may not fit under kitchen counters, but for me this is not an issue since mine does not sit under a kitchen counter.
  • The base of the jug on the 9400 is narrower which means unlike the old jug on my first 9200 it will not be as easy to get food out as noted in my previous review.  However,  a special scraper has been provided with the 9400 which may help. (Yet to be tried!)  Also,  it should be noted that the narrower shape at the bottom may contribute to better performance.
  • The quality of the 9400 base is better than the 9200.  I did have some leakage in one jug on the original 9200 which was replaced.


Old 9200 left - New 9400 right

Old 9200 left – New 9400 right


  •  It should be noted that the new Optimum 9200 comes with yet a different jug and this will be reviewed in the near future.

Noise – When I went to first use the Optimum 9400, the first thing I noticed was that it appeared to be quieter then both the machines on my first comparison.  I have now downloaded an app which measures decibels.   So, I will come back with my evidence.

Food Test

The above information is all very interesting and it may influence what machine you buy in the end.  What really counts is “how does it prepare the food”!  In the previous comparison I did the following items:

  • Lemon Curd – This illustrates how well it gets the mixture hot in order for the eggs to cook/set the mixture, not to mention liquidises the lemon rind.
  • Almond Butter and Peanut Butter –  The ability to provide a smooth nut butter which is not an easy task for the ordinary blender!
  • Hummus – This was done just because my family like hummus!  Not really much of a challenge except in the removal from the bottom of the jug!
  • Raspberry Melba – The most important aspect of this recipe is the disappearance of the those little raspberry seeds to make a wonderful smooth mixture.

Lemon Curd

My first test in the 9400 is Lemon Curd.  In the previous comparison both the Vitamix and Optimum 9200 gave a good result and the 9400 likewise performed well.

The zests and juice of 2 lemons were added to the jug along with 225grams sugar, 85gm of butter and 3 eggs.  In the previous test the Vitamix clocked in at 6 minutes and the Optimum 9200 at 8 minutes.  The Optimum 9400 clocked in at the impressive 6 minutes giving a good result!

2014-05-10 19.40.21

Over the next few weeks I will try the items (or similar) like the original test and post the results.

2 thoughts on “Optimum 9400

  1. I just watched a video which performed two tests of 5 blenders, Vitamix 5200 was one of them. They did a comparison of blending ice cubes with a whole Orange, and the other comparion was to blend ice cubes with a whole apple. As a potential buyer of Optimum 9400, I’m very curious about the results of Optimum 940 on these two tests. Would you mind do a review about it please? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lilly

      I have just done a test with the Optimum 9400 with 1 whole orange and some ice as requested. Initially, it crushed the ice and purees about 90 of the orange. I then used the tamper tool. The result after about 2 minutes was an orange frosty that was smooth to taste. To get the juice effect it needed to be blended longer. I left it as a bitter sorbet!! I think it performed pretty well.

      Let me know what you decide!

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