Scottish Referendum – Don’t Ask the Question

Why can’t people see that simply asking the question about whether Scotland should be independent is divisive and causes conflict.  The one issue everyone has avoided is security and peace.  It is no coincidence that there has not been a major war between Scotland and rest of the United Kingdom for 300 years.  Prior to that wars and conflict were frequent.

We can all pontificate about how the world and people are more civilized then in the past.  Really?!   Look at the world and the conflicts that are on most continents.  The fact is people and the world is not so different then they were hundred of years ago. Don’t think for a moment that serious conflict could not occur between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Russia taking over parts of Ukraine;  the Middle East continuing in chaos with Muslim again Muslim; and Africa continuing is serious conflict. There are people cutting heads off and government’s locking people up just because they can.

Economics, education, and all other issues are secondary to security.  So, let us learn from history, the United Kingdom including Scotland is the most secure situation.


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